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25 MAY 2024

Venue: Jasper Hotel, Melbourne

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What We Do

Agile Culture Conf is the platform where practitioners from different disciplines can come together and talk in a safe environment and engage in real conversations.  We provide you the space where you explore how to build great teams, solve hard problems, and can share your stories. 

Our Approach

Agile Culture Conference is an (un)conference with elements of a conference. The  keynote speakers provide learning & structure, and the Open House sessions provide freedom to deep dive in topics through experimentation, exploration and storytelling in a safe environment. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for everyone to share stories and practices, learn from peers & experts, and find the direction they want their career, projects, employers or organisations to take; so that they can make real impacts.  

Why Agile Culture Conference

Agile Culture Conference aims to bring culture forward by providing you opportunities to engage in real conversations, learn from others, share and listen to stories.

Unconference style

We have ditched the old conference model so that people can not only listen to stories but can also share theirs. Beginning with a few keynotes from some of the most innovative organisations, the facilitated discussions will lead you deeper into the value generated by exploration of important topics by participants like yourself, in the process developing ideas to bring more meaning and impact to your work & organisations.

Who is the conference for?

We invite people who are responsible for the culture of a team or an organisation. It is for those who have a need for ideas that can help them improve the culture they are in. Agile culture conference is the opportunity for us to create an impact on the wider community.

Executives, C-Level people, CTOs, Delivery Managers, Programme/Project Managers, Product Managers, Product Owners, Enterprise Architects, Agile Coaches, Seniors BAs, Dev & Test Managers etc.

What to expect at the conference


We have some of the brightest and most experienced people from some of most innovative companies in Australia sharing their experiences with you. Their stories will provide you immense value, insights and takeaways to apply at your workplace. 

Facilitated Workshops

What is better than a safe environment where you can meet others, share important issues, topics or needs and engage in real conversations? Agile Culture conference provides you that platform. Facilitated by some of the well know and well respected facilitators from the Agile community, you will have a lot of opportunities to learn at the sessions.

Open house sessions

We are providing a safe environment for stories to be told and heard while breaking out from the traditional conference model.



Each keynote generates curiosity and inquisitiveness about the culture of a workplace. We dedicate plenty of time to cover Q&A so that the participants (called contributors at ACC) can get to the depth of a case study or an idea presented by the keynote speaker.

Fun activites

Ever played ‘rock, paper, scissors’ with other adults?
The Agile Culture Conference is a not an dreary or tiresome event. We ensure that we have enough fun activities that keep the energies high.

Glimpse of 2019 Agile Culture Conference, Melbourne

Real feedback

Fantastic agile injection booster! Starting with  James Ross‘s infectious energy, hearing about using culture to scale relationships, almost tearing listening to the moving and very passionate @Jordana Patterson….loved, loved, loved the perspective from Marketing point of view transforming to agile ways of working aligning team purpose and passion to @World Vision values, to Paula Burton making me aware to NEVER use “just” ever again! followed by @John Sullivan who spoke my language, greatness begins with BELONGING! 

Oh and will be using the energiser activity, this was great fun!  Well done everyone.

Chris Dalziell

Agile Delivery Manager

Great speakers, great facilitators, great format, great participants, makes for an awesome day.

John Carey

Agile, Lean, Kanban coach

Super valuable day and presentations so far.

I’ve found value that could apply to almost every stage of agile adoption, from start ups to enterprise level transformation projects! And this is coming from a developer, imagine the value agile coaches and scrum masters/delivery leads/ctos are getting!

Michael Lambert

Aspiring CTO, MessageMedia

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