Meet James Ross

James has been leading agile development teams to get things done since the early 2000’s and has long since stopped believing that agile is the point. He has played consultant, architect and senior management roles at various organisations.

His interests of late have been the Theory of Constraints, systems thinking, event-based systems and sustaining conversations with business people that the business people find interesting. He thinks he still has a lot to learn laughing


About James’ talk


Scaling agile across borders: SEEK’s 5-year change journey to unify 3 separate businesses across 8 countries

Everyone in Australia has heard of SEEK, but what many people in Australia don’t know is that SEEK has acquired multiple other businesses that are the “SEEK” of their local countries, including Jobstreet in Malaysia and JobsDB in Hong Kong. Over the last several years, SEEK has been on one of the most ambitious transformations anyone involved has ever seen, unifying not only back office systems across finance, HR, CRM and collaboration tools, but most recently all customer facing mobile and web applications into one highly scaled APAC platform for candidates and hirers across all our APAC markets.

This challenge was far more than could be addressed with just the team we had and the ways of working we had, so the journey included the cultural risks of onboarding hundreds of people quickly with no SEEK experience, creating a hybrid agile program management function and delivering to completely arbitrary deadlines culminating in not one, not two, but three weekend launches involving hundreds of people, thousands of tasks, and about 40 hours of effort each, all on time and without any unplanned disruption to the business.

This is a story that needs to be told and heard, though we seriously doubt that 60 minutes will be enough.  🙂 

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