About ACC


Agile Culture Conference is an (un)conference with elements of a conference. Our speakers will provide learning & structure, and the Facilitated Open House sessions will provide freedom to deep dive in topics through experimentation, exploration and storytelling in a safe environment.

 “For purpose

There is too much talk about culture and little action. That might be because people do not know what to do or what actions to take. Many have learned practices and frameworks, but knowing how to apply those effectively so that they create a mindset change is not taught in any course. That become a cause for failed application of Agile mindset. Then, Agile is becoming a commodity. Agile Culture Conf is the platform where practitioners from different disciplines can come together and talk in a safe environment and engage in real conversations.

“Connecting Disciplines”

Much too often, people work in isolation from other practitioners or expert coaches. Not only that, they rarely get an opportunity to meet with experts of other disciplines. The Agile Culture Conference provides that opportunity for everyone to share stories and practices, learn from peers & experts, and find the direction they want their career, projects, employers or organisations to take.  

“Developing the Community”

For leaders, practitioners, change agents and early adopters. Agile Culture Conference is for anyone who wants to make an impact and make a change.

We welcome and invite people who are passionate about their work, active in the field and willing to share what they have learned. It is for those who have a need for ideas that can help them improve the culture they are in. It is for people who want to build great teams, solve hard problems, and are ready to learn.