Beyond Agile: Culture after 10 years of agile

Craig Brown

Craig Brown

CEO, Everest Engineering

Craig works at Everest Engineering, one of Australia’s newest and fastest growing software agencies.  

Craig is a veteran of software product development that has experience leading and managing global software product development teams spanning the world.  Craig brings deep experience in software product development, organisational design and business strategy spanning 20 years in multiple industries.  He has worked with small start-ups, globally successful product businesses, and leading Australian enterprises.

Craig also founded LAST conference, which is a conference for cross functional software development teams. A well-connected community builder in the Melbourne software development industry.  Now Craig heads the Everest Engineering team, a modern software product development consultancy that delivers innovation capability out of India to the Australian tech industry.

Abstract of Craig’s Talk

  • What do you think about Agile after working with agile teams for over 15 years? What are teams thinking about and talking about after ten years of continuous ‘agile’? What do you talk about in your 500th retrospective?
  • How is this different to what agile and digital transformations promise? What are the things in my approach to work and agility that both resonate and stand apart from what you know?  What ideas can you steal from me and take back to your teams to help drive towards ‘better’.
  • Answers to these questions and more…

What I’ll do

  • Share my story – coming to Agile
  • Share a snapshot from Aconex – 10 years after adopting agile and what was going on
  • Acknowledge the frustration a lot of us have with the Agile Industrial Complex
  • Present a reframing of Agile as a value set
  • Present a set of ideas to help managers navigate towards and beyond agile capability

 What people will get

  • Hear a story they can benchmark against their own experience
  • Identify a new lens through which they can inspect agile capability
  • Have a set of simple focusing ideas to help managers navigate towards agility