Speakers and Facilitators

At the Agile Culture Conference, you will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with speakers and facilitators who are experts in their respective fields.

Our speakers will ignite the conversations by sharing their stories of how they built great teams, or amplified cultures.

Our facilitators will drive the conversations by using their facilitation skills to create engaging and productive sessions. You will learn from their experiences, insights, and tips, and discover how to foster a culture of agility in your own context.

Meet Our Distinguished Speakers

James Ross


Sam Melrose

Customer CoE Lead, Energy Australia

Dan Harper

CTO, Homes.com.au

Our Esteemed Facilitators

Ruma Dak

Business Agility Coach – Customer Business, Energy Australia

Ruma has over 15 years of experience working in complex, fast-paced organisations across multiple industry sectors. She is passionate about business agility & people centric transformations. She finds delight in coaching and empowering people, teams, leaders and systems to achieve self-direction, self-management and maintain high adaptability to change.
Ruma combines Lean & Agile Principles, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking with the right balance of coaching, mentoring, and teaching in her approach. She is also an ICF Accredited Coach, Certified Organisational Coach, Accredited Kanban Coach and a Positive Psychology Practitioner and uses the skills to enhance her unique working style!
Ruma loves learning new things – both professionally & personally! She spends her free time reading, cooking, travelling, and hiking.

Christiane Anderson

Business Agility Leader,


Christiane is a Business Agility Leader with 10 years experience in designing and delivering agility transformations. She’s currently leading a team of amazing coaches at EnergyAustralia to transform their customer business working with senior leaders across the organization. As an executive coach and behavioral profiler, she has coached and worked with hundreds of individuals and teams to adopt the mindset and behaviors to create innovative adaptive organizations and happy people.

David Williams

Program Delivery Coach, MECCA Brands

I love the work I do helping individuals, teams and organizations improve their performance by revealing how the work and human systems are working and then coaching, teaching, mentoring and sometimes doing it with them.

I am always learning, practicing and enjoying applying my experience and knowledge, in particular, my current focus on Kanban and Organization Relationship System Coaching (ORSC).

You can find me on a Tuesday morning hosting the Melbourne Lean Coffee Meetup and in the evening at various Agile and related meetups hosted in Melbourne. If you want to connect with me then please do send me a message on LinkedIn.


Dan Prager 

Director of Coaching and Learning, Everest Engineering

Dan Prager works with forward-thinking organisations to introduce and customise practices that enhance organisational, team, and leader effectiveness. He partners with leaders and teams to co-create meaningful change across all levels.

With a blend of intelligence, empathy, and a wealth of experience, Dan helps individuals, teams, and organisations achieve their business, culture, process, and software development goals.

Dan is driven by a passion for customer satisfaction, creative collaboration, innovation, and team success and learning. He engages in coaching work with individuals and groups aiming to create more humane, engaged, collaborative, dynamic, and ultimately successful and resilient organizations. For him, a strong bottom line is a consequence, not a cause, and process is a servant, not a master.

Michelle Prosser-Roberts

Head of Operational Excellence, Accuteque

Michelle aims to make a positive difference to everyone she meets and loves to make connections between ideas and people leaving people and situations in a better place.

Michelle is a very human leader who brings energy and passion to any project she undertakes.  Her enthusiasm is catching and is an element and catalyst for diversity and difference. 

Helping companies to deliver value, whether as a facilitator, coach, consultant or delivery manager, is what she does best. She blends strategy and tactics to get things done and demonstrates courage and resilience in complex and political organisations.  36 thousand feet, systems thinking, facilitation and roadblock removal are key elements of her leadership brand. As a proactive leader she is motivational, rational and compassionate.

When she is not at work, Michelle can mostly be found cooking up a storm in her kitchen, socialising with friends or family or relaxing with a good book and a glass of something long and cool.

Gabor Devenyi

Agile Coach, Woolworths Group

Gabor is an experienced Agile Coach who is adept at working with organisations in multiple sectors both nationally and internationally. He is well versed in working in both large corporates, smaller organisations and start-ups.
He is a natural improver of teams and business units, both from a culture and a delivery perspective. His style ensures that people feel at ease.
Outside of the day-to-day work, Gabor has a passion for blockchain technology and decentralisation.