Leave your frameworks and methods at the door, here’s how agility starts with you

Paula Burton

Paula Burton

Co-Founder, Mass Dynamics

Paula Burton’s world revolves around connecting the dots between technology, business, ideas and smart people to help impactful solutions come to life. With 20 years in the software development scene, she is bringing continuous experimentation to science as the Co-Founder of Mass Dynamics and cool technology to rural students as Co-Founder of Flying Robot School.

Abstract of Talk

In the ever-growing landscape of agile-based practices, processes, frameworks and flavours it’s easy to get lost and even feel left behind. It’s not uncommon to think that the shift to a better way of continuously delivering great products and services is beyond your control; that an organisational ‘beast’ is too big and unwieldy. In this discussion I’ll be drawing on two decades of real-life experience to share the key things I do routinely to attempt to address this. In life, the most effective resource that we have control over is ourselves. And that’s what we’ll be focusing on – you.